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Area Information

The Woodburn Area is comprised of the cities of Woodburn (2010 population 24,090), Gervais (2,520), and Hubbard (3,180), Donald (984).

We are located in the mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon 15 minutes from our State Capitol Salem and 30 minutes from our largest city Portland.

Our residents enjoy easy access to Interstate 5, Highways 99E, 211, 213, and 214 which makes us a headquarters for people enjoying small town living with large City services.


All three area cities have a rich pioneer heritage.

Woodburn was founded by nurseryman Jesse Settlemier in 1863, and his partnership with the Oregon & California railroad brought the first boom to the area. His 5,000 square foot, 14-room Victorian home thrives today as Woodburn’s centerpiece.

Fur trapper and farmer Joseph Gervais built a square-hewed, two-story log cabin, a barn, and planted an apple orchard and wheat farm in 1831 on what is now the town that bears his name.

Charles and Margaret Hubbard crossed the plains from Pleasant Hill, Illinois in 1847, and his son William erected a cabin of logs and cedar near 1st and G streets in present day Hubbard.


The Woodburn School District is a multicultural delight with nearly 75 percent of students of Hispanic or Russian descent. This mix of three cultures, evident in language, food, religion, music, and dress is leveraged by innovative programs to prepare students for a multi-lingual, multi-cultural world. The District has divided the high school into four smaller schools for more personal involvement, and offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program.

The Gervais School District of over 1,100 students has received acclaim for its classroom innovations like the Success for All program in the primary schools, integrated technology including wireless networking and laptop computers, and high academic standards that include college courses.

North Marion School District serves Hubbard along with Aurora, Butteville, and Donald. Students learn in a caring and challenging atmosphere to instill a life long learning passion. The district is known for its high standards and tradition of community service.