Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce logo and text with a photo of people brainstorming. What do you need? We are here to help. Connecting businesses with resources.

We each have our own journey in both our business and personal lives yet there are similarities we share. It is that common ground which binds us together and makes us a community. Each of us belongs to the greater geographic group and to many other families both great and small. We all live and work together to benefit each other and as good humans are willing to share and teach our family members along the way. It is that willingness to share and help each other that makes being part of a community so special.

Our Chamber community is like that. We encourage each other to learn and be better. This bond is what makes it so special because it is a community, a group within the larger population but most of all it feels like family. Family helps family and neighbor helps neighbor and that is something which is right in this world.

This year has taught us all about rapid change, crisis response, slowing down and may other lessons. We are also reminded that helping other people is rewarding to them but also to ourselves. By reaching out with simple acts of kindness we can clear the smoke and feelings of dread if even for a minute. But helping is more than that as it builds with each act. The person helping is revived, the person being helped is enriched and we are all better for it.

As a Chamber of Commerce we are focused on connecting people. We connect people with businesses and businesses with people. We help businesses learn and grow. We help build people up to be providers within our greater community. It is that willingness to serve and help which strengthens us all. The skills and knowledge are sown like seeds and the long term rewards will come. Our Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce has literally thousands of years of combined experience in business and we would like to share that knowledge. We would like to help each other so we all can benefit.

Having a business resource and being willing to share it is awesome but in order to share you must have a problem to solve, a question to answer, a concern to be addressed. There has to be an initial conversation about these things. So that is the beginning of the process.

It all starts with a question. What is it that you need? What is your concern? What is keeping you awake at night? Do you have someone to talk to about these things? Is it OK to ask these types of questions? Having someone you feel comfortable talking to about sensitive business issues and concerns is the first step towards healing and growing. The simple act of reaching out for help is the hardest part yet is the only way to begin.

We have decided to put ourselves out there as a Chamber. Our Board of Directors is ready and willing to answer your questions and have those conversations with you. Feel free to reach out and ask as we are open to helping in any way we can.

We are all ready to sit down for coffee, talk on the telephone, do a private zoom or whatever it takes to facilitate the conversation. We are here to help and answer your questions. We can assure you there is plenty of knowledge available with the combined experience of our Chamber  to get you pointed to the resources you need and we encourage you to reach out. We will also be introducing you to our board and other members so you can get an idea of their skill sets because having conversations can be hard to do. Having them with someone you feel closer to is best.


John Zobrist
Executive Director