Woodburn business and the Latino community went global this past week.
A reporter from BBC Mundo out of Miami heard about the work that Anthony Veliz of IZO Marketing has been doing here in Woodburn and wanted to write something up. She came to Woodburn and Anthony spent a few days with her, sharing the best of what Woodburn is and has to offer…its people and businesses! This article contains stories and quotes from many people who live in Woodburn, from business owners, to teachers, citizens, a legislator, and the Mayor.
BBC is a global media platform and her readers are from all over the Western Hemisphere, Spain and anywhere in the world where Spanish is spoken. The article is in Spanish, but if you open the article in the Google Chrome browser, it gives you the option to translate the webpage content via Google Translate services. The translation isn’t perfect but does the job in conveying the story and message.
Cómo es Woodburn, el “Little México” – BBC News Mundo: bbc.com/mundo/noticias-internacional-60657037

Thank you, Anthony!
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Business Mentioned:
El Forestero Ropa Vaquera – Find them on FB
Fin de Semana Minimarket – Find them on FB
Luis’s Taquería – Find them on FB
Mirandas Bakery – Find them on FB
Torres Bridal
IZO Marketing – Find them on FB