Dear Chamber member,

At the request of Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce President Joe Egli the Board of Directors voted to convene a committee to review and update the Chamber bylaws.

The committee was chaired by Renee Willer and included Liz Koncil, Bob Rhoades, Phillip Iverson and Executive Director John Zobrist. They met several times throughout the year and have worked on this revised version of the Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce bylaws.

The Board of Directors unanimously accepted the revisions and will place them for a vote at our annual meeting on January 28th, 2022. The Board also felt it was important to share these proposed changes with you and allow for comments and input from the membership.

Available for download below are the most recent revisions for your review. The Board of Directors would welcome any feedback between now and December 14th. They will be making any adjustments and voting on the final version at the December 15th Board Meeting.

Please feel free to contact me at 503-982-8221 or via email at should you have questions or require additional information.


John Zobrist
Executive Director
Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce